kvitka -

We are committed to urban greening. Palms, ferns, ficus or a fresh bouquet in the vase, with us you can get them all, not just in our jungle in the II. district of Budapest, but also through this webshop.

Bouquets Of Flowers

We created Kvitka® to make bouquets of the most beautiful flowers of the season throughout the year, that’s why we visit the big flower markets several times a week and choose those flowers that you can’t find in most flower shops in Budapest. We would like to represent this continuous seasonality and variety of our delivered bouquets. In our webshop, therefore, it is not possible to choose from specific bouquets, because different flowers bloom from week to week, from which we select the most beautiful ones for our bouquets.

On the images you can see just samples of our bouquets. We compile the bouquets based on the value you have chosen in the webshop and we make bouquets in our style and with attention from the available most beautiful seasonal flowers. Of course, we also try to meet your individual needs with the flowers and colors used. We use nothing for “decoration” but waterproof natural wrapping paper and natural jute / hemp twine.

Seasonal bouquets


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