kvitka -

We are committed to urban greening. Palms, ferns, ficus or a fresh bouquet in the vase, with us you can get them all, not just in our jungle in the II. district of Budapest, but also through this webshop.

Weekly Bouquet

Always have fresh flowers in your favorite vase!

We compile our Weekly Bouquets from the most beautiful flowers of the season. We have adapted our delivery days to the flower market days for the freshly picked flowers of domestic growers. In addition, we use the freshest domestic and imported flowers and greens to keep shine the flowers on your table for a long time.

The flowers are also delivered with a vase according to your order, which means that -according to your order – we change the vase with the flowers each time it is delivered. In this case, we put a special powder into the water, which increases the lifetime of the cut flowers and – in glass vase – keeps the water crystal clear.

The regular delivery fee is always included in the price. You can choose the delivery time from the following options: Monday: 7-8 pm, Tuesday: 10-12 am, Thursday: 7-8 pm, Friday: 10-12 am

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